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BLE Worldwide Inks Deal with
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BLE Worldwide will begin training Asian student athletes in July 2011, as it has teamed up with TwoPal, LLC of Korea and Doohyan Bae through an international baseball training deal that is set to expand into Japan, China, Korea, and more.

"I am excited about the opportunities BLE Worldwide will have training players in Asia. This new partnership proves will allow BLE Worldwide to reach more players and build the MLB approach into the global baseball community." said BLE Worldwide president Jim Parque.

Korean players are set to come to the USA in July 2011 to begin their MLB experience that will feature the BLE Worldwide baseball training experience, celebrity guest MLB stars, sightseeing, and baseball and cultural exchanges for the Korean players.

"We are excited here in Korea to be able to have the opportunity to send our student athletes to one of the top youth baseball coaches in the USA, and arguably the world, in Jim Parque. Not only was he a top MLB player, but he continues to provide cutting edge and current baseball training for athletes internationally." said Doohyan Bae of TwoPal, LLC.

This partnership will bring the BLE Worldwide coaching staff to Asia for future baseball training as well as provide Asian born players with the USA baseball experience.

"Having trained baseball at all levels and many different countries, I have found that each country's baseball culture differs tremendously." said Parque.

BLE Worldwide will mix the Asian baseball culture of mechanical prowess with the American baseball culture of athletic prowess in order to assist the Korean players with assimulating during their USA stay.

Expansion plans for Japan, China, and other Asia/Pacific countries are under way for 2012 and beyond.


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Chris Pfatenhauer-Univ.Nevada Reno
"I continually look towards BLE for college prospects because of the caliber of training and preparation they provide in players"
Lyndsey Meggs-UW head coach
"I was truly impressed with everything I saw at BLE. What a great opportunity for young athletes in the game."